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Why Auction

The auction method of marketing has been used in this country since the early colonial days of the 1700's. Importers found that they could sell greater quantities of product in much less time, than with conventional methods.

Since then, the auction process has developed into an effective method to liquidate almost any type of merchandise from livestock to land.

Why does it work? Basically, no two items are exactly alike, especially when it comes to Real Property. When numerous buyers converge to bid on one desirable item or parcel, the results are obvious. The laws of supply and demand come into effect.

Combine that with our web site advertising and effective marketing strategies and the stage is set. There is nothing quite like attending a country estate auction and experiencing the excitement, as frantic bidders compete for that one unique item. You’re like a kid at Christmas again with that feeling of anticipation as you wait for that special piece to come across the auction block. Then there is always the feeling of victory after becoming the successful bidder. All this being accounted for, we can't forget the most important element of the auction---

Because, when was the last time you were able to buy a bowl of homemade chicken soup and a piece of apple pie while you were sitting at home bidding on-line?

Call Bobby to explore the auction method of selling and to discuss
your auction and real estate needs.